We have estimated the ELO ratings of both retired and currently active players.

The algorithms we use to estimate the rating have been developed based on extensive research. Please refer to the FAQ page to know about the accurancy of the estimate.

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Player Matches/ Tournaments Player's Estimated Rating Opponent's Estimated Rating PGN
M. Carlsen Bilbao 2011, London Classic 2011 and Wijk aan Zee 2012. 2760 2596 View
L. Aronian Bilbao 2011, London Classic 2011, Wijk aan Zee 2011 and Wijk aan Zee 2012. 2724 2722 View
V. Anand World championship matches against Topolov and Kramnik, and World campionship tournament in Mexico city. 2784 2716 View
V. Kramnik World championship matches against Kasparov and Topalov, and campionship match against Leko. 2770 2714 View
G. Kasparov Linares 1999, Sarajevo 1999, Siemans Giants, and Wijk aan Zee 1999. 2877 2709 View
A. Karpov Linares 1994, and World championship match against Timman. 2761 2694 View
R. Fischer Candidate matches against Taimanov, Larsen and Petrosian and Championship match against Spassky . 2692 2634 View
B. Spassky Candidate matches against Kortschnoj and Larsen, and Championship match against Petrosian . 2654 2536 View
A. Alekhine Title match against Capablanca 2668 2588 View
J. Capablanca Title match against Alekhine 2588 2668 View
P. Morphy New York USA Congress, and Match against Anderssen etc. 2335 2096 View